Five Fantastic Holiday Decorating Ideas

It’s that time of the year. My favorite time of the year… when we pull out our greenery, lights, ribbons and wrapping paper! It’s a family time, hopefully a happy time and a nostalgic time. And I love all of it!
Every year, I celebrate the meer act of decorating my home. And I wanted to share some of things I plan on doing this year… and hopefully spark some ideas for yourself.
1. Wreaths aren’t just for doors. I hang wreaths everywhere. On all my windows (facing in)… on any blank wall I can find… my front door… my porch posts… and small ones on my staircase. I’ve even been known to hang a few on my kitchen cabinets.
I’m talking about plain, simple green wreaths of your preferred greenery (fake or natural), and hung with a ribbon. Hang them everywhere!
2. Garland galore! Hang garland anywhere you can. Across table tops, around candles, on top of your mantel and also under your mantel… along the tops of your kitchen cabinets… swagged on your curtain rods… and of course wrapped around your banisters!
3. Hang stockings everywhere! Sure, hang the family stockings where you normally would… but then sew some up to decorate. A blank wall could have 3 stockings hanging or one big glorious one! Hang small ones on your garland and up the stairs. Hang one on your child’s bedroom doors. Hang small ones on your kitchen knobs.
And then once they’re hung, stuff them with tissue paper, candy canes and yummy potpourri.
4. Fill glass vases with colored stones. And add a candle! Earlier this year, I bought some thick rectangular and tall glass vases. I love them because I can fill them with anything for each season. My favorite is colored glass rocks. For the holidays I fill them with red stones and then add a small candle for light. Instead of candle try dry branches, or silk flowers and poinsettas.
5. Decorate your bedroom! Why do we spend so much time decorating our main rooms and completely ignore our bedrooms? Wake up to your holiday cheer. Put some of that decore in your room. Drape garland on your head board, hang a wreath on your door and above your bed, string white lights where you can. If you celebrate Christmas, put a small tree in your room. And don’t forget a few scented candles!
The magic of the holidays is the warmth of the green, the twinkle of lights and candle light and the shimmer of gifts and ribbon. Spread your favorite winter colors throughout your home. And sparkle inside and out. Create delicious smells of gingerbread and cinnamon with candles and baking.
Make your home magical. Imagine, create and enjoy!

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