Post-Holiday Shopping: The Best Time to Buy

Did you know that shopping after the holidays is the best time of year to buy? When retailers set high sales expectations in December they need to maintain momentum even after Christmas to meet their numbers. For consumers this can mean bigger discounts, longer shopping hours, and new merchandise.
Gift cards are partly responsible for giving shoppers the upper hand. Retailers can’t record sales until gift cards are redeemed. With sales of gift cards at an all-time high, retailers must continue to attract shoppers to recognize the revenue on all of the gift cards they’ve sold. They want shoppers to redeem gift cards as soon as possible after the holidays, so the post-holiday season is designed to draw gift card holders.
Devoted bargain-hunters already know that after-holiday sales are phenomenal. Not only is it a great time to buy some post-holiday gifts for yourself, it’s also a good time to think about buying gifts for friends and family for the rest of the year’s birthdays, graduations, holidays, or other special occasions. I needed a new scarf this winter, but instead of paying full price I waited until January and got one for 65% off.
There are deals online as well. I found a Valentine’s Day Garfield the Cat for my wife that was deeply discounted. If you have teenagers or kids in college, think about getting them a life-size standup. Whether it’s a Beanie Baby, Napoleon Dynamite, funny t-shirt or apron it will be the source of many laughs. And if you shop now you’re sure to find a good deal.
So don’t miss out – post-holiday shopping is the ideal time to buy. By planning ahead you can get all of the gifts you’ll need for the year at prices that you won’t find later. Whether it’s novelty gifts, party favors, scarves, or life-size cardboard cutouts that you need, shop now, not later.

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