Top 8 Christmas Gifts For Your Kids

Christmas is round the corner! What fun! Christmas has always been associated with the wonderful tradition of giving and receiving gifts from friends and family. For kids, especially, this season translates into only one word – gifts! Every year, retailers come up with various innovative gifting solutions to entice us adults into buying new and expensive products for our kids, our grandkids, nieces, nephews…the list is endless! And more often than not, after we make the purchase, we wonder if we did end up buying the right gift. Well, there is no real way to know unless you see the look on their face, now, is there?

Buying the right gift

This Christmas, like every year, here you are again, wondering what to get your little angels and devils! They could have been naughty or nice; and you could be working with a budget or an idea. If you are lucky, you might not have to think too much. Your child would have written long gift lists for Santa, pleading for their heart’s desire and asked you to post them to him, much before Christmas, to avoid the postal rush. Well peak into it! This is where you will find ideas guaranteed to bring a twinkle in their eye. For those who are not so lucky and have to spend time working out what to get, we have some great gifting ideas to help you through this decision making process and choose the perfect gift for your child.

4 popular gifts for girls this Christmas

Choosing the right gift for little girls is not as simple as it used to be during our times. Today, we have a lot of choices and those are likely to leave us confused. Take a look at what young girls want this Christmas.

* Glowing Graffiti Lamp
This lamp is one of the most popular gifting items for your little pre-school daughter. A perfect accessory for her room this item is both functional and creative. It is a glow in the dark lamp which also lights up when switched on. Not only that, the surface of the lamp allows your daughter to personalize the lamp with her creative talent. She can make a new graffiti on the lamp every day or every week with an easy to rub on and rub off marker.

* Cute backpacks and hold-alls for girls
Every girl loves a hold all or a back pack. Today you can give your daughter a perfect one for Christmas. While on the one hand you can personalize the hold alls and accessorize them to make them unique, you can also choose to pick some interesting and cute ones right off the shelf. Your little girl will thank you for making her stand out from the rest of her gang with a ‘totally rad’ hold all!

* Hi-tech manicure set
This is a perfect gift for your girls in grade school. They, of course would prefer to be called young women. So what better gift for your young lady than hi-tech nail paint set with all the gear to make cool artistic designs with nail art? Help her get started early! She will love stepping out with new nail designs every week. A perfect activity kit for a slumber party, this will kill two birds with one stone!
* Karaoke gadgets
So your daughter is a teenager and loves the new pop icon! Does she dream of becoming the next big star? Why not get her a home karaoke? Promising hours of fun for her and the entire family, its sure to be a hit. Be warned however, it is addictive!

4 popular gifts for boys this Christmas

Buying gifts for boys is like choosing a candy from a candy store. The options are endless! Take a look at what young boys want this Christmas.

* Trampolines
Trampolines make the best Christmas gift for boys of all ages. Geared for both fitness and fun, it is sure to make your kids ‘jump up and down’ with joy! Providing hours of activity, these trampolines are kid-safe with protective net covering to keep them from getting hurt.

* Video games
Boys and video games go together. With so many options in the market from PlayStation to Xbox or even the virtual plug-and-play video games, this gift is sure to be a hit with your child. With hours of entertainment, even you can sneak in to try your hand at rescue missions and car chases to unwind after a hard day’s work.

* Electronic voice mutation devices
These are a hit with little boys! Available as a space-age helmet kit or as part of a mask kit, these devices will provide your kid with hours of fun as he tries out different voices while goes around pretending to be an alien or even a Star Wars hero!

* Little pups
Every boy wants a dog! So if you have a house that has a back yard, why not consider bringing home a pet dog? With years of growing up together, walking and playing in the park, sharing good times, your boy will worship you for it!

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